CPPA Online Bred Gilt Sales

Sale Dates: October 18, 2017 &  December 13, 2017

1. Sales will be managed & promoted by California Pork Producers Association (CPPA) and the Auction Company.
2. Sales will be broadcast on www.Showpig.com
3. Entry Deadline October 1, 2017 & December 1, 2017
4. All sale consignors must be a CPPA member in good standing.

Entry Information
1. Entries are limited to two entries per consignor, per sale.
2. Entry fee – $20.00 per entry, per sale. Entry fee to be deducted from consignor payout.
3. Each entry can have up to 3 photos.
4. Photos can be saved with any photo image editing software with the following specifications: RESOLUTION: 72
SIZE: 640×480 pixels or 6×4 inches, IMAGE TYPE: JPEG, QUALITY: 7 or 8 / medium file size
Photo file names should correspond to the consignor name, i.e., Smith. They should be saved 1.jpg, 1a.jpg, 1b.jpg. In this case, 1.jpg is usually a profile shot, 1a.jpg is a butt shot, and    1b.jpg is a shot of your choice, perhaps of progeny, full sibs, etc.
5. Entries are non-refundable.
6. CPPA reserves the right to refuse any entry.

A certificate of registration with ownership transferred to the buyer will be furnished by each consignor for each animal sold at no cost to the buyer. Registration certificates will be held by the CPPA and transferred to the buyer as part of the general sales expenses.

1. Individual animals will be sold to the highest bidder.
2. Payments to consignors will be completed after buyers payments have cleared and not before.
3. All collections from buyers shall be performed by the Auction Company.
4. All payments to consignors shall be performed by CPPA.

Commission & Fees
1. Commission is 10%, paid to the Auction Company.
2. Buyers to pay a 10% buyer premium which is split between the CPPA and the Auction Company.
3. A minimum sale price of $500.00 has been set on all bred gilts.

1. Each animal is at the buyer’s risk as soon as declared sold.
2. It is the seller’s responsibility to make all deliveries and to collect all payments when the buyer is in default.
3. Each consignor subscribes to the National Swine Registry Code of Fair Practice. All responsibility in this regards is between buyer and seller. Copies of this code will be provided to each buyer.
4. It is mutually understood in holding this sale that the CPPA and the Auction Company, are merely cooperating with the participating breeders in staging this event and consequently assume no responsibility as to the care, loss or injury to animals and that each contract shall represent a contract between buyers and sellers of each animal.
5. CPPA assures each consignor and purchaser that it will take all practical steps for safeguarding each party’s interest, but it will not and cannot assume responsibility for collections, buyer payments, guarantees, etc.
6. All Sale animal deliveries are the responsibility of the buyer and seller.
7. Individual Health Papers will be required on all breeding stock to facilitate out of state purchases. This is the seller’s responsibility.

Click here to download the October Sale Entry Form

Click here to download the December Sale Entry Form

Sale Rules & Regulations