The Golden Opportunity Gilt Sale is hosted and sponsored by California Pork Producers Association.

This sale was introduced in 2014 to benefit junior California State Fair Junior Swine Exhibitors and allows for the top genetics within the country to be purchased and highlighted as part of the California State Fair Junior Breeding Swine show.

Proceeds from the Golden Opportunity Sale help to fund the California Pork Producers Association “Golden Opportunity Scholarships,” which are awarded to California State Fair Junior Swine Exhibitors who are graduating seniors and/or first-year college students pursuing an academic career in agriculture, with an emphasis in the swine industry. The 2016 Golden Opportunity Gilt Sale helped to fund two $1,500 scholarships to be given out at the 2017 sale.

2017 Golden Opportunity Sale Catalog

Location: California State Fair, Cal Expo, Sacramento
Date: July 15, 2017 – 3:00 pm 

Sale Rules

  1. The 15 gilts selected by the Junior Breeding Swine Show Judge will sell in a live auction managed by the California Pork Producers Association.
  2. This sale is a non-terminal sale.
  3. The gilts sold in the sale will be released following the sale. All gilts sold in the sale must be removed from the California State Fair grounds prior to 7:00 p.m. on the day of the sale.
  4. The California Pork Producers Sale Management will collect all pedigrees of those animals selected for the sale at the end of the Junior Breeding Swine Show.
  5. Any Exhibitor whose gilt is selected to sell will receive the sale money minus 15% commission (commission, scholarship, and checkoff).
  6. Individual Health Papers will be required on all breeding stock to facilitate out of state purchases. This is the seller’s responsibility. The California State Fair Veterinarian may be available to produce health papers for exhibitors for a fee.


A certificate of registration with ownership transferred to the buyer will be furnished by each consignor for each animal sold at no cost to the buyer. Registration certificates will be held by the Sale Clerk and transferred to the buyer as part of the general sales expenses.


Individual animals will be sold to the highest bidder. Contact the California Pork Producers Association regarding payment arrangements. All payments must be made at the sale. All settlements are to be made with the Sale Clerk immediately following the sale. (A 15% buy-back commission will be charged to all exhibitors who “buy-back” their own animals through the sale).

Additional Information 

Payments to consignors will be completed after buyers payments have cleared the bank and not before. All payments to consignors and collections from buyers shall be performed by the California Pork Producers Association.

Each animal is at the buyer’s risk as soon as declared sold. It is the seller’s responsibility to make all deliveries and to collect all payments when the buyer is in default. The state is not responsible for payments in default.

Each consignor subscribes to the National Swine Registry Code of Fair Practice. All responsibility in this regards is between buyer and seller. Copies of this code will be provided to each buyer.

It is mutually understood in holding this show and sale that the management of the California State Fair and the California Pork Producers Association, are merely cooperating with the participating breeders in staging this event and consequently assume no responsibility as to the care, loss or injury to exhibits (animals) and that each contract shall represent a contract between buyers and sellers of each animal.

The California State Fair and the California Pork Producers Association assures each consignor and purchaser that it will take all practical steps for safeguarding each party’s interest, but it will not and cannot assume responsibility for collections, buyer payments, guarantees, etc.

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